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Wilgex was established in 2008,With over 15 years of OEM, ODM manufacturing, and export experience. Our company is a manufacturing facility invested in by Hong Kong Wilgex Limited, with a high-tech product base operated in Dongguan.

Our company is a certified outdoor LED manufacturer under the TUV-ISO9001:2008 quality system. With a total area coverage of 2500m², 6 production lines running all day, and 75 diligent staffs, we have been steadily growing since establishment.

Our daily capacity averages at 200 pieces for LED wall washers, 500 pieces for underwater lamps, and 3000m of neon flex.

Wilgex is dedicated to becoming a leading branded company focused on outdoor construction, city brightening projects, and other applications worldwide.

Growth History


Established in 2008, Wilgex is the manufactory invested by HongKong Wilgex Limited with a high-tech product base operated in Dongguan


Became a National High-tech Enterprise of China in 2012


Purchase PVC production line and develop LED flexible neon light products


Purchase Silicone production line and develop LED flexible neon light products


Moved into a new factory with an area of 2500 square meters and 75 skilled technicians.


Developed rapidly at an annual growth rate of 80% and the business has spread all over the world


Wilgex will maintain a growth plan of 40% and is committed to providing environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and unique LED linear strip lighting services to customers worldwide.

Team Introduction


Overseas Installation Support Department


Manufacturing Support


Co-founder & CEO
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R&D Capacity

Wilgex distinguishes itself through robust research and development capabilities, showcasing an extensive portfolio of innovative solutions in the LED lighting industry.

On-site Implementation

Wilgex consistently adheres to a grounded approach, offering comprehensive one-stop services to businesses. Our commitment extends globally, as we dispatch engineers to provide on-site installation services across various countries. At the core of Wilgex’s mission is the principle of making LED Neon Flex accessible to everyone by ensuring that it meets all requirements with a simple power supply connection.

Design Sketch

Wilgex’s design and research capabilities in the LED Neon Flex industry are significantly ahead. Customers only need to provide a sketch, and Wilgex can design, produce, optimize, and deliver results according to the drawings. Over the past decade, Wilgex has consistently satisfied customers, achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

Wilgex's R&D And Design Capabilities Excel In Large-scale Projects

Wilgex designed and participated in a large-scale LED strip lighting project on a cruise ship, leading the team in construction and assisting in the completion of the entire project.


Wilgex had the privilege of collaborating with Marianolight, an Italian company, on a project by providing 5km of circular RGB neon tube. This collaboration successfully contributed to the completion of the Ion Orchard Serpenti project.

Development of New Connectors

Due to the client’s specific requirements for the connection of LED neon flex tubes, Wilgex dedicated extensive efforts in research and development. Combining the use of 220V stage light connectors, we successfully achieved the client’s objectives, resulting in a flawless performance.

Production Process

Neon strip production process

Trade Capacity

Wilgex consistently participates in lighting exhibitions worldwide, aiming to bring the most advanced technology and latest R&D designs in the field of flexible neon lighting to exhibitors around the globe. Recognized for our comprehensive one-stop service, Wilgex has gained the trust of numerous businesses, both new and established. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer, Wilgex is committed to providing you with 100% professionalism and service tailored to your needs.

Group photo of wilgex participating in the exhibition

Autumn 2023 Hong Kong Lighting Fair- 윌젝스

Exhibitions In Spain

Neon Flex Size Inspection
waterproof Neon flex

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Apart from assuring excellent product quality, our well-trained
QC team also manages to make a strong foundation to support
our brand Wilgex which enables us to become a well-known
LED outdoor lighting supplier recognized by worldwide customers.


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